Online Poker, popular card game
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Online poker, bluffing over the Internet

About poker

Poker is originally an American card game, which today is played by tens of millions of players worldwide. But poker is not just a game, it’s a form of entertainment and lifestyle if you will. Success is based on good cards and the skills to use them. Other weapons include deceit, bluffing, pretending to be strong, "poker face". A successful poker player must control his or her emotions perfectly. And of course, he or she must have a bit of luck.

Before you sit down to play, you should become familiar with the most widespread versions of poker:

Texas Hold´em

Texas Hold´em is the most widespread and popular type of poker. The rules are the same for playing the game in a card room and for online poker. Cards are dealt by the person identified as the dealer. Before the cards are dealt, however, the first two players (in a clockwise direction from the dealer) must put in their mandatory blind bets (big and small blinds). The dealer then deals two cards to each player. Once the players have viewed their cards, the first round of betting takes place, also known as the Pre-Flop. If a player wishes to continue, he or she can raise the bet or just call. If a player chooses not to continue, he or she can fold their cards. 3 stages of the game follow:

  • Flop - the dealer turns over the first three cards. Another round of betting commences.
  • Turn - the dealer turns over another card. Players again have the option to raise, call or fold.
  • River - the dealer turns over the last, fifth card. Players have their last opportunity to raise / call / fold.
The objective of the game is to make the best possible 5-card combination using the cards lying on the table and those in his or her hand. The winner takes the bank. If the five cards on the table make up the best combination, the game ends in a draw and the bank is divided between the players that did not fold.

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The only difference between this version and Texas Hold'em is that the dealer deals each player four cards. The winning combination must be made up of two cards from the player's hand and three community cards. Omaha and Texas Hold'em belong to a group of games referred to as community poker. With this type of poker, players have no idea what kind of cards their adversaries are holding.

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Omaha Hi / Lo

Special type of poker in which the lowest and highest combination wins. Each player has four cards in his or her hand and five community cards. Combinations are made using two of the cards you are holding and three community cards. The bank is divided in half between the best and worst combination.

Seven Card Stud

This game is one of the more challenging types of poker, as it is not played with community cards. Each player pays an ante before the game begins. Antes differ based on the table you choose. You can also pick your table in online poker. Raising bets during the game is limited.

The game begins by dealing three cards. Two cards are held by the player and one turned over. Each player receives three more turned over cards in the next three consecutive rounds. The seventh and last card is known only to the player.

Besides the first round, the player with the highest value of their turned over cards begins a betting round. The bank is won by the player with the highest combination. If two combinations with the same value appear, the bank is divided between both players.

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Seven Card Stud Hi / Lo

This type of online poker has the same rules as Seven Card Stud. The bank, however, is divided among players with the highest and lowest combination of cards. Both games belong to the group of poker games referred to as stud poker. They require a completely different approach to playing than community poker does.

Another version is draw poker. Players are allowed to exchange cards during a game. Draw poker is very hard to find in online casinos.

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