Placing tips and betting over the Internet, online betting agencies
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Online betting, online betting agencies

Placing tips over the internet - online betting

Even before there were online casinos, betting was already taking place over the Internet. What motivates so many people to bet online? There are many benefits to online betting. We will mention few of the basics:

  • 365/24/7 - online betting agencies are open round the clock. 365 days a year, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You can submit your betting ticket whenever you wish.
  • It does not matter where you currently are - you can place your bets over the computer, tablet or mobile phone. The only limitation is that an Internet connection is required.
  • Bonuses and promos - online betting agencies always have something to offer. The registration bonus is just the start of things to come. Competitions and various promotional events are commonly organized on a daily basis.
  • Favourable odds - because of the massive competition on the Internet, odds are usually better than you are accustomed to seeing at your betting agency on the corner.
  • Live bets - a more and more popular form of betting on the result of a match that is currently being played. You can simply watch a Champions League soccer match in your favourite bar, drinking beer, and place bets over your phone to make the match more interesting.
  • Calm and cool betting - you have all the time you need to submit your tips. You can take advantage of various online statistics and match analyses that can be found on the Internet.

How do you place your bets online and submit a ticket over the Internet? How to receive your winnings? All of the online payment options available to online casinos also apply here. For more information about payment options, see the Payment Options section.

Online bookmakers

The Internet is packed with many quality online bookmakers. Many of them have betting agencies on the streets, and online betting - the online service is just an additional service offered by these agencies. Others specialize in online betting only and you would not find any of their offices in a shopping centre. Some function locally within their region, where they have success because of their local reputation, others operate globally and on the European market. All betting agencies listed on this site are licensed in the European Union. Just choose the one you feel has the best to offer, best odds, terms and conditions.

Online betting on LIVE bets

LIVE online betting means you can bet on the result of a match currently being played. Of course the odds change before you with every goal, every minute. It is a lot of fun and is offered by almost all betting agencies. When you bet online, you can sit comfortably in your favourite bar, watch a soccer or hockey match, and bet on the results using just your mobile phone. Live betting is gradually becoming more popular than your standard pre-game betting.

Online casino info

The OnlineCasinoMania portal offers objective information about the terms in some of the most popular licensed online casinos and betting agencies. We tested these online casinos and betting agencies and verified that each online casino mentioned here is licensed and safe. Even the most demanding of players is directed from our portal to the best gaming portals available today. Playing online casino games for free or for real money can be entertaining, provided it does not become an addiction. Read how to play online casino games such as roulette, blackjack, baccarat, poker, slots, video slots, other casino games, or bet at online betting agencies.